Equipping and Encouraging Churches to Make a Difference on Moral, Social, and Ethical Issues

Christian Action Commission

Who We Are

The Christian Action Commission is an agency established in 1963 by the Mississippi Baptist Convention to address moral, social, and ethical issues.

Christian Action Commission

Special Emphasis Sundays

We Invite You to Focus on These Issues in 2016-2017

Our Mission

To provide Mississippi Baptists with materials and leadership that emphasize Biblical teachings on: Marriage & Family, Substance Abuse, Pornography, Human Relations, Christian Citizenship, and Church & State.

Christian Action Commission

Our Vision

For Mississippi Baptists to be a people who Make a Difference by considering Christlike character and Scripture as their standard for interaction with society.

The standard of Christ’s character is like a plumb line. A plumb line is a basic tool consisting of a weight tied to one end of a string. When the weight is suspended by the other end of the string, it indicates if something is perfectly plumb or upright.

Scripture and the life of Christ is the Christian’s plumb line for determining if their thoughts, attitudes, and actions are in proper alignment.

When the attitudes and actions of Mississippi Baptists are in alignment with Scripture, then Christians will Make a Difference by redemptively responding to those who are lost, suffering, and in need.

“Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumb line in the midst of my people Israel …” Amos 7:8

Moral, Social and Ethical Issues